Would you guys mind reading that headline out loud? The headline seems to infer that an elected official, a person who holds the top governmental job in his state is using the backend of a dog to make a point with a celebrity. Ladies and gentlemen, common decency and decorum have left the building. But you know there's a story that's just got to be told.

The Governor in question in this particular incident isn't a Cuomo from New York, they've got their own problems with butts and other body parts. This Governor is Jim Justice, he is the Republican Governor of the great state of West Virginia.

Here's what he did during the "State of the State" address last night.

You'll notice the honorable Governor Justice appears to be holding his dog, Babydog in a most compromising position. The dog's rectum is turned toward the cameras and on full display. His reason for doing this, he was upset with actress, singer, and legend Bette Midler.

Governor Justice told Midler and anyone else who has taken the time to bash the state of West Virginia that they can "kiss Babydog's hiney". Apparently, the Governor was taken aback by comments tweeted by Midler about West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

While it seems quite apparent to me that Midler's ire was directed toward Senator Manchin, she kind of did include the whole state in her rant. Bette, those are some awful things to say about a large group of very proud and hard-working Americans.

If you have a beef with Senator Manchin then so be it. But to basically call the entire state out seems to be a bit unfair. I would be like someone lumping you, Midler, in with Hollywood celebrities who are washed up in their careers and the only way they can get some publicity is to tweet out nonsensical statements. Not that you, Bette, would ever do that.

And because we believe in fairness, we should let you know that Bette Midler did realize the overreaching effects of her tweet and did offer this as an apology. 

Okay, it wasn't the most sincere apology but at least she did let the "people" of West Virginia know she had no beef with them even though she thinks at least one of their politicians should not be in Washington representing them.

And now, the good folks of West Virginia have one more reason to shake their heads. They have now gone from being "poor and illiterate" to the people "who elected the guy who showed his dog's ass on TV".

Well, those that know say any publicity is good publicity and maybe this will encourage folks like you and me to travel to see West Virginia. I hear the scenery is amazing, the mountains are beautiful, the water is crystal clear, and the politicians are a little bit on the crazy side.

Now, if you really want to see some interesting things and meet some people who would show you a dog's butt and a good time too. You should make plans to travel to where we live and our politicians are even worse.

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