Halloween Costume shopping in 2020 involves keeping COVID-19 in mind. While you're out and about finding the perfect costume for you or your kids, probably not a good idea to do what I saw people doing yesterday around Lafayette.

What's more frightening than the scariest Halloween costume you could ever find is exposing yourself, children and loved ones to COVID-19.

One of the best ways to avoid doing this is to not try on or let your kids try on Halloween masks.

I know, this seems like common sense, and every costume store you go into clearly has signs posted that read "Do Not Try On Masks". Nothing to worry about, right?


My kids and I shopped for Halloween costumes in three different stores this weekend, and in all three I repeatedly saw people trying on multiple masks as well as seeing people putting multiple masks on their children.

In one case, I noticed a parent saying to her child "Shhhhhh" as she put different masks on him. She wasn't putting them on her kid to make sure they fit before buying one, she was just putting them on for fun.

Now, please understand, I am not attempting to parent shame anyone. I would never do anything like that, ever. I'm just letting you know about some things I saw yesterday to help illustrate my point. Just because the signs say to not try on masks, don't assume people are following the rules.

This is also not a political statement about COVID-19. No matter your opinions on the virus, I think we can all agree it's not OK recklessly get anyone sick, with any type of virus whether it's COVID-19, Flu, etc.

I mean, nobody wants to be sick on Halloween right?

I know it's tough to buy a Halloween mask not knowing if it will fit properly because in most stores, all sales are final.

The basic things to remember is, don't try on masks and assume the mask you buy has been.

If you do buy a mask from a Halloween store, spray it down inside and out with Lysol or wipe it down with a proper germ killing cleaner, and let it sit for a couple of days before putting it on.

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