Today is a day that we celebrate a woman who got tired. Not only was she tired after a long day of working, but she was tired of the way Black people were being treated. Today we celebrate the life of Rosa Parks. If she were alive today, she would be celebrating 107 years on this beautiful earth.

There have been many movies and stories told about her influence on the civic rights movement and rightfully so. She stood her ground when she said that she was not giving up her seat on a bus for her white counterpart and after being asked several times. The bus driver called for help to try and remove her from the bus.

This spearheaded the Montgomery bus boycott that lasted for 381 day and while this didn't alleviate racism. It did show that we were fed up at how things were being done. We wanted change and we were demanding for it to happen. Happy Birthday to Ms Rosa Parks for being a cultivator in the culture that we are still fighting for today. Make sure you do your research on her life and find out more about her.

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