Moss Bluff residents got a little surprise on their way home yesterday evening. A helicopter was parked out by the Walmart Neighborhood Market on the land across the parking lot and next to the bank. The funny things to read were the guesses that everyone had or funny comments as to what was going on. One of the best was that John Dutton was in town to get some groceries, or that the Racoons had come back for revenge after they had been shooed off earlier a few weeks ago.

Obviously, everyone was curious about what was going on and taking pictures. The Moss Bluff pages blew up on what was happening and what the helicopter was even there. So why was it? Well, Walmart responded after a few hours as to what was going on in the area.

There you have it Moss Bluff, you dodged a bullet and you're getting another gas station and NOT another Mexican restaurant. Sulphur gets the Whataburger, Lake Charles gets the Hobby Lobby,  and you get the gas station. It feels like we are on an episode of Oprah at this point.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Walmart stated that it should be open in April. We can assume it will be just like the rest of them, like the one located in Lake Charles on Ryan and 12th St with a small convenience store located inside.

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