After Hurricane Laura did substantial damage to the City Of Lake Charles Water Business Office, it resulted in loss of a lot of their equipment. However, replacement equipment has arrived, but due to limited staffing, many of our bills are still being estimated.

If you are a current Lake Charles water customer and feel that your bill has been a little more than average, your services could have been compromised due to leaks caused by Hurricane Laura or Delta, or the recent winter storm. You may call 337-491-1307 to request a leak adjustment.

Once your meter is read and if it is determined you have been charged more for water than usual, be prepared to receive a credit to your account. There is no need to call and request a credit, as this will be done automatically.

Keep in mind they are working diligently in order to get things back to normal for all of us here, so maintain patience while dealing with them on your request. One good thing to know is that there have been no late fees charged by the City of Lake Charles since March 2020. There is currently no date for when those will be reinstated.

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