There was a press conference today from parish officials to talk about going forward after Hurricane Laura. I could tell that while we have some great officials who represented for us today. These men and women are tired as many of us are. However, they are still pushing through to get out important information to all of us.

Hurricane Laura has been classified as one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Louisiana in 150 years with what has been called devastating damage. Road conditions are dangerous throughout the parish and maneuvering around could be hard to do in the parishes.

If you are looking to make a return to Calcasieu Parish, you will be allowed. However keep in mind that things are truly bad. There are trees down all over the city and power lines are down as well. There is also a curfew that is from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. All essential employees should have your work ID with you at all times.

There are no traffic lights currently working. Residents of Lake Charles are encouraged to use caution of knowing which streets have lights and abide by them.

Cell phone service and land lines are spotty as well. There is also no ETA on when power or water will return to the city. If you are seeking resources for help call United Way's 211.

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