Happy Hump-Day everyone! I just felt like having some fun. Ever watch Family Feud and wonder what the hell was going through a person's mind to give such a crazy answer? I love that show, and I can honestly say every episode I have ever watched somebody has said something crazy. Then the look Steve Harvey makes after somebody says something foolish is just as priceless.

Well, with all the drama going on in the world today, I figured we all deserve a good laugh. After all, laughter is good for your health! No really. Believe it or not, laughter has great health benefits. It can help you live longer by lowering your blood pressure, and it has an amazing effect on your blood vessels and heart! So, have a good laugh on me!

Below are some hilarious moments from Family Feud, where contestants give Steve the craziest answers and he gives them hilarious responses. Happy Hump-Day everybody

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