With the addition of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, the popularity of the Petito and Laundrie case is heating up. In the last 48 hours, Chapman has begun to chase down a few solid leads and has even reportedly found evidence that Laundrie is in the area that Chapman is searching. Chapman believes that Laundrie is hiding out in the wilderness due to his love for the outdoors. Chapman thinks he feels more comfortable outdoors and therefore can hide better in the woods.

As Chapman closed in on a "hot lead" yesterday, he had a message sent up an airplane banner set to fly over the area that Laundrie is believed to be in.

With all of this hype about the case, exactly how much money is on the line if someone were to find him?

What started as a good gesture from the Laundrie's neighbors of $5,000 has now been added to as the days turned into weeks. Donations to add to the bounty to find Laundrie are now at $170,000 in total. From local law firms, Gabby's parents, a morning show, and even Ryan Upchurch have all thrown money into the pot to find Laundrie.

It should also be noted that currently Laundrie is only wanted for questioning about the case, the warrant for him is for federal bank fraud when it was discovered that Laundrie used Gabby's card without permission, because she was no longer alive, for the amount of $1000.

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