They say there is no "I" in the word team. However, one of the world's greatest pro basketball players is literally throwing his career away. Or is he? Kyrie Irving is not alone when it comes to having reservations about taking the COVID -19 vaccine. The issue is he is letting his team down because he can't play until he gets his shot. The NBA superstar makes $35 million a year to play basketball and with every day that goes by his basketball career and all the money that comes with it, is starting to get shaky.

First, here are the undisputed FACTS about the virus and vaccine.

FACT- Every human being is at risk of contracting the coronavirus.
FACT - There are 3 scientifically proven and highly effective vaccines that can make all humans immune or prevent life-threatening infection from the dangerous virus.
FACT - COVID-19 is extremely contagious and deadly.
FACT - The current stats in America alone stand at 44.7 cases and 720,000 people, and counting, have died from getting the virus.
FACT - This is advice is based on data from thorough and highly advanced research, the world's finest infectious disease specialists, scientists, doctors, national and international health departments. FACT - COVID mandates are being put in place to save lives.
FACT - Regardless of fitness, overall health, financial or social status an unvaccinated person is at high risk of getting the coronavirus, getting very ill, and possibly even dying.

Despite all of the clear evidence and tremendous loss of life, Kyrie Irving is one NBA player who is not trying to hear it and is refusing to take the life-saving vaccine. It is certainly his choice to make. The problem is, the 10-year NBA vet is the only player on the Brooklyn Nets basketball team refusing to do so. The team's general manager, Sean Marks, has been forced to ban him from practice and games for the safety of his teammates.

Kyrie Irving is already jeopardizing $381,181 in base salary per game missed due to the mandate. For the full season, he could lose $17,153,155 plus another $381,181 per postseason game. Over the course of the next four years, Kyrie's max extension contract could've brought him $187 million! However, Shams Charania of The Athletic on “The Glue Guys” podcast says that offer is now off the table.

Right now the NBA is saying to Kyrie if you don't want to play, we are not going to pay you. According to reports, it is possible that the union may fight them on docking his salary. It is also possible that Brooklyn may pay him for road games. But it is clear that his time to decide what he is going to do is running out and with it, the opportunity to make millions and millions of dollars. Is he making the right decision?

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