One thing that the pandemic has taught us is that having your immune system strong is very relevant to rise above the COVID-19 diagnosis and just your regular everyday cold or flu. Since March 0f 2020, we have all been trying our best to get past the disease and simply try to live to the best of our abilities.

While I have not had the Coronavirus or any strain related to it. I have been in closed quarters with many who have had it and at times had to have a test myself just to make sure that I was negative. While I have been working out continuously, there are several factors that are very common to help to fight off sickness especially during critical times like it is now. Also with the weather changing as it does, you should be safer than ever.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are several tips that can help to build a strong immune system and have you feeling almost like you were a teenager again. Check out the article here.

Many of the things they have mentioned in the article are very vital to having a strong immune system and maintaining it. Here are some things that I have done personally that have helped me make it through the season and continue to build up myself and get stronger.

I work out daily with cardio and I also add weights. Cardio is important as you are learning to control your breathing and work your lungs. Anyone who has had Coronavirus will tell you just how critical it can be on your lungs and breathing.

I don't smoke and I never have. I can not tell a person how they should live their lives, but I know that smoking can compromise your breathing. I can trigger allergies and have been linked to various forms of Cancer.

I have also implemented Vitamins into my diet and everyday lifestyle. Whether it's Elderberry, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D which is truly vital with the immune system and something many of us lack if we work inside most of the day. It is also few and far in between during the Winter. I have noticed that adding Vitamins to my daily regimen has given me energy and a positive onlook on life going forward.



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