I have been married now for almost twenty years. I won't say it's been all peaches and cream, but there have been plenty of good times. However, with what's going on lately, it's prompted me to wonder how dating is going on now with this pandemic. Obviously, as things proceed in a relationship, we want to protect ourselves before becoming intimate.

But how can there be the initial kiss on the first date or will we be giving out pounds now? It sounds funny, but this is possibly the new reality. Also, will dates be covered now, as you want really know how the person truly looks unless they send you a selfie beforehand? We have all seen Catfish, so that can always be a little fishy (no pun intended).

There is the six feet rule, social distancing, and if you're like me, you keep sanitizer on you. This is something I was seriously thinking about. Depending on how long this can go on, some who have been out of relationships for awhile won't have the chance to really experience a new love. Things are awkward with dating and going out like normal. So what is the new dating norm going to be? I hope for the sake of those on the dating path that things will turn around soon. We'll just need for all of us to be in compliance and realize this is not a joke, and the only way this will be over is to follow guidelines. Maybe you can discuss matching masks for your initial first date.

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