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Normally, I'm not the kind of guy to turn his nose up at homemade adult beverages.  I don't mean you get a bartending book, now you make a mean Manhattan.  I'm talking about finding several jugs of "juice" with balloons on top in your grandpa's closet.  That being said, there are lots of things I won't take a swig of.

Chiefly among the list of prohibited drinks I won't touch is homemade wine from a wastewater treatment facility.  Just so you know, hooch like that absolutely exists - but thankfully most of it has been confiscated.  A raid at Rainsville Wastewater Treatment Plant in DeKalb County Georgia on Thursday revealed a fully functional (and quite illegal) winery had been operation for some time right under everyone's noses.  Officials from the raid also locked a "large amount of illegal alcohol" up as evidence, obviously fruits of the bootlegger's labor.

I worked with an environmental company years ago, and had to visit 2 separate facilities like that for bi-monthly inspections and there is no way I could ever drink wine made in those conditions. Every single thing at those locations smelled like the most horrid things imaginable, there's no way I'm drinking "Outhouse Chardonnay" made at a place like that.

According to the report from the ArkLaTex Homepage, the felonious hooch factory is one of the largest operations of its kind ever found in the state.

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