While most of us in South Louisiana are waking up to at least a few limbs in the yard and many others waking up to a lot worse the further to the west you go there is one prevailing thought that seems to permeate through social media, "When is all this hurricane #*&! gonna end"?

Yes, I paraphrased for modesty's sake.

The official answer is "November 30th". Mother Nature's answer is "at least not this week". The National Hurricane Center is once again watching another tropical wave. This one in the far eastern Atlantic is supposed to move westward toward the outer islands of the Caribbean.

That particular location in the ocean appears to be the jumping-off point for storms. From just east of the Antilles, they either opt to turn right and head toward the east coast of the U.S. and Bermuda or they opt to stay on a westward path into the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

This system looks as if it wants to turn right and we are all good with that down here. Forecasters have given the tropical wave just a 20% probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

So, it's not like this is a system you need to check up on every day, it is something that you'll want to at least know that is out there. We will monitor its progress across the ocean and keep hoping for cold fronts, cooler temperatures, and drier air across the tropics to finally calm this seemingly unrelenting hurricane season of 2020 down.

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