If this isn't what true love is, I don't want it! Cammi and Jared Rainey are husband and wife, obviously, Jared is currently seeking the title for "Husband of the Year" from the looks of this text interaction and full-on oscar-winning performance. Cammi was at work, and just like the rest of us, was ready to leave work and go home. The issue? You can't just tell your boss you don't want to be at work and just want to go home. Cammi decides to tell her husband she is ready to go home. Any normal significant other might say things like "aww not much longer", "You can do it, you don't have much work left", or even "just quit". Maybe that last one is a bit extreme.

Jared had a better plan. Dare I say, one of the most perfect plans ever constructed by a human being! In the days of modern technology, it tends to be tough to fake an illness or just say "oh, there's an emergency at home. I need to go." Jared used modern technology to his advantage and came up with a foolproof scheme to get his wife home early. Jared ran outside and sprawled out on the ground for the camera to see!

Cammi Rainey

I really want to touch on the fact that Cammi's nickname for her husband is "Pork Rhind", but we will move past it. This man is the one true hero we all needed but didn't know it. That is true dedication to his partner and his marriage if you ask me! "Pork Rhind" stuck to his word and headed out to the yard to get into position. From the looks of the picture of "Mr. Rhind" laying out on the ground, I would say his acting is "dead" on. Cammi did show her boss, but it seems that the boss was let in on the joke.

Cammi Rainey

Is this the perfect plan to get your spouse out of work? Would your significant other go this far to get you out of the last few hours of work? I would say perhaps no, but it is inspiring for sure. I would like to make a suggestion to Cammi. Change that man's name on your phone to "The Legend" instead of "Pork Rhind", it is better suitable for a true king.

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