UPDATED INFORMATION: The vehicle on fire was in fact an 18-wheeler. Here is a picture of all that is left. There is still no information on injuries, but some witnesses are saying that the driver was able to escape. One witness that saw the actual wreck happen saw two cars coming up the right-hand lane as an 18 wheeler was starting to merge over into the right lane. The driver of the 18 wheeler cut suddenly back to the left to avoid hitting the vehicles coming into the right lane and overcorrected. The overcorrection caused the 18 wheeler to flip. The witness did say there was a vehicle at the bottom of the bridge that did appear to be one of the vehicles involved in the incident.

Facebook, Gage Woodcock


A fire set the I-10 bridge ablaze just before 8:00pm this evening. Witnesses heard several explosions as the fire began to "drip" down the bridge. Some are saying a large truck is involved, which is why the fire is so intense perhaps, and the "dripping" is possible from the fuel tanks. Some witnesses claimed it was a tanker truck and others say large box truck.

The blaze may have started, according to other witnesses, from 2 vehicles possibly racing across the bridge when one sideswiped a large truck that was also going up the bridge. Currently, traffic on I-10 Eastbound is stopped and other traffic is being diverted until the incident is removed from the bridge. There is no more information at this time on whether the bridge will be immediately reopening after the accident is cleared up due to the fire and spillage.


Facebook, Michael Bergeron

We will have more information in the morning with Mike and Chad, and we pray that everyone involved is unharmed.


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