Today I decided to take my wife out to lunch to enjoy a little something that we haven't had in a few weeks,  especially together. We are both fans of Meek's Lounge and love the wings that are second to none when it comes to many in Lake Charles. We recently found out that Meek's was soon going to be no more for the area. This was troubling and sad to hear at the same time, however, while it is sad that Meek's will be closing their doors this Friday, the support that they are getting from many in their final days is something to brag about.

Tomika and the crew at Meek's have really been running a great well rounded and diverse business that is the go-to spot when it comes to lunch, and even nightlife on special occasions. However, they were also the prime spot for Brunch, and during the lunch specials, I hope you had the pleasure of trying the Fried Ribs. Thanks to the great Elvin King in the kitchen, a self-taught Chef who can do miracles in the kitchen.

I had the Sweet Heat Wings Today:

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

They will officially be closing their doors for good at midnight this Friday, March 25 and we won't be able to get those great eats for lunch, and various other times including the weekend. Meek's was also the place for supporting other business owners and allowed many to patronize their location for pop-up shops, album release events, and more. While they will be missed in the community for great food and good times. It is great to know that Tomika and Tommy are still residents of Lake Charles and I am sure they have so many other things up their sleeves. Continue to support local and make sure you stop by and have your last meal and a good time at Meek's before they close this Friday for good


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