My wife and I went to breakfast at a restaurant that shall remain nameless for the sake of the story. When we got there, I noticed a sign behind the counter asking customers to be patient as the establishment was short-staffed. I took it for what it was worth, and my wife and I decided whether we were going to stay or go somewhere else.

We decided to stay as there was no immediate rush, and it was a Sunday, so where did we have to go. There was an older lady sitting in the restaurant, and she asked the 2 gentlemen host how much longer before they were seated. Before they could respond, what appeared to be the daughter of the lady came in as well. She questioned them on the wait and asked why it was taking so long. At that moment one of the gentlemen explained that while a table was available, the waitress asked them to hold off before sending any more customers to the table. She was waiting on multiple tables at the time and didn't want to have someone not being served until she could get a handle on the ones she had. This seemed to infuriate the ladies who seemed to not be able to grasp what was being said. Eventually calmer heads prevailed and they were seated.

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It got me thinking as to whether we have lost the patience for waiting on things. Why is it that we have this, "we want it now" mentality, which causes us to be rude to individuals who are sometimes overworked and barely making a living? If I go to an establishment and I am told that there will be a wait, I have already put it in my mind that I need to be patient, and take that time to talk with my wife, or whoever I am with at that moment. Many businesses now simply don't have adequate staff because of the pandemic, in our cases Hurricanes, and other issues that have plagued us for over a year now. Sure we all want to get what we want, but patience has to play a vital role in our lives today. I sympathize with local businesses and their employees who are sometimes working double shifts and have to deal with the sarcasm, attitudes, and rudeness of people who seem to forget what we have all endured over the past year.

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The next time you think about going out to a restaurant during a busy time of the day or anytime for that matter. Consider thinking about grabbing a quick snack before you go or just try to keep things in perspective of the state of the world right now. You could be taking out your frustrations on someone who is already having a bad day. All it takes is a little consideration on your part and you'd be surprised at how things could really work out in the end.



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