In the past couple of years, we have learned a little bit about doing without. The coronavirus pandemic created a bunch of different shortages, especially during the first few weeks of the pandemic. Now, whether those shortages were legitimate or just a product of an overactive imagination among shoppers remains to be seen.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Sure we all wondered if we would have enough toilet tissue to get through the lockdowns. Then came the questions about sanitizers and cleaners, would we have enough to keep our groceries wiped down. Then, in the midst of all of the hoarding mentality buying somebody managed to get a ship stuck in the Suez Canal, which messed with the supply chain even more.

You might recall at the beginning of the school year a lot of us were having difficulty finding Lunchables for our kids to take to school. Now, here lately anyway, good luck finding a can of Grands Biscuits or Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls.

But this particular "shortage" that Walmart stores are allegedly reacting to is not a shortage of products. It is a shortage of manpower to bring those products to market. I am speaking specifically about meat. You've probably noticed the price for meats of almost all kinds has risen considerably during the pandemic.

Some estimates suggest that prices of beef, poultry and fish have increased in price by an average of 12% since October of 2020 and October of 2021. Those price increases have meant that stores have had to take extra precautions in protecting their inventory.

One Tik Tok User, @oakwood19136 found that a Walmart store in Florida had actually taken this outrageous step to help dissuade shoplifters from pilfering the pricey cuts. We do caution you that this video contains some NSFW language.


For clarities sake, we will tell you that the video you just watched is unverified but it appears to have been taken at a Walmart Store in Florida. From what we understand Walmart has not responded to the video at all.

Well, even if this is a joke or a hoax, it certainly puts things in proper perspective, doesn't it? Prices are certainly rising across the country. Everything from food to fuel and more is costing a little bit more. Let's just hope we can keep up with it. Because it would be a shame after sticking close to home for these past few years we couldn't travel or go on vacations because we can't afford food.

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