It sure seems as if every activity that humans can do can now be traced, tracked, or improved by an application on a smartphone. Because of apps on our phones we can hear our favorite radio station anywhere we can connect to the internet, and we can send pictures around the world while speaking to persons in other time zones too.

CNET via YouTube
CNET via YouTube

We can also use those handy electronic devices to explore, enhance, and create illicit affairs with those to whom we are not promised. Yeah, in other words, some folks use their smartphone to cheat on their partners and according to at least one social media influencer, the app that might expose them as a ne'er do well just could be the calculator.

If you're an iPhone user you know that the device comes standard with a calculator. I am sure other phones do as well. It's a very common application and a lot of use it every day. But as you examine the apps on your partner's phone you need to ask yourself this question, "Why do they need two calculators"?

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Tik Tok creator and influencer @nuggetonair says that "second calculator" is likely an app where they hide secret communications, videos, documents, texts, and yes illicit photos.

That's about as blunt as you can be on the subject. @nuggetonair is suggesting that the second calculator app might be Calculator# Hide Photos Videos and just as its name suggests you can do a lot more than "math" on this app.

The Calculator# app claims to be the perfect place to hide and store secret things. These might be good for your libido but they aren't too good for your healthy relationships. After all, it shows up on your phone's home screen looking like this.

I have to admit, there is nothing suspicious looking about that icon. Which is exactly what a cheater would want you to think. The app's own description reads: It disguises itself as a Calculator to make it impossible for prying eyes and hackers from discovering it. It is the most feature-rich app in the market in Security Category. 

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So, if you suspect your significant other might not be behaving on the up and up, then all you need to do to confirm your suspicions is ask if you can borrow their phone. Just say you need to use their calculator.

Or, you could just communicate better and be more open with your partner and solve the issue like mature adults. Nah, this kind of clandestine stuff always makes for better stories. But the stories aren't nearly as good as these are.

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