Were you born and raised here in Louisiana? I was and after finding out all these official state symbols of Louisiana, I feel like I am not that great of a Louisianian.

I mean when I looked over this list, I knew a bunch of them but when I saw some of the others on the list, I said Hmm really? I mean I am a Soileau which screams Cajun but some of these things on the list below are things I didn't know we had a state symbol for all these.

Let me test your knowledge/ If I asked you what the state fruit was, would you know? I took a stable at it and said figs but I was wrong. It is the Strawberry.  Did you know that? Here is another one for you. Do you know what the official state of Louisiana Fossil is? See what I am saying?

7th International Strawberry Symposium
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I guess we all need a little refresher on the Official State Symbols Of Louisiana so here you geaux!

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Official State Symbols Of Louisiana

State Dog -- Catahoula Leopard Dog

State Amphibian --  Green Tree Frog

State Flower -- Magnolia

State Crustacean -- Crawfish

State Fish -- White Perch

State Fossil -- Petrified palmwood

State Fruit -- Strawberry

State Insect --  Honeybee

State Mammal -- Louisiana Black Bear

State Musical Instrument -- Diatonic Accordion

State Bird-- Brown Pelican

State Reptile -- Alligator

State Vegetable -- Sweet Potato

State Tree -- Bald Cypress

State Wildflower -- Louisiana Iris

State Beverage -- Milk

So how many of those did you know? Yeah us either LOL.

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