We have all been driving around and seeing different colored porch lights in neighborhoods. The traditional white and yellow lights are mostly what we see but sometimes you will see other colored lights that pique your interest.

When you see different colored lights on a porch, do you stop and ask yourself, why is that homeowner shining that colored light on their porch? The different colors will mean different things to the homeowner.

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Most that are displayed are due to a cause that the occupants of the home support. In the case of the green bulb, here is what they're supporting and when you may see them light up.

Homeowners who display green lights on their porches support the military and United States veterans. That is a great cause we all can get behind right? Those men and women who serve or have served deserve our thanks and for us to honor them.

You may see an uptick in green porch lights soon in Texas as we are getting close to Memorial Day which falls on Monday, May 27, 2024. Homeowners will also break out their green lights for Veterans Day as well which falls in November of every year.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Other colored lights you may see on porches are Blue lights which show their support of our Law enforcement. This one holds a special place in this writer's heart as I served for 11 years in law enforcement on patrol at the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office in Lake Charles, La.

So when you see different colored porch lights remember that the homeowner is supporting a cause they believe in and the two we discussed in this story are great causes to get behind.

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