Have you ever been stopped by the police because your inspection sticker has expired? Most of us forget that it is even there or that we need to renew the sticker. What is the sticker even for?

If you have never gone to get one, here's what should happen. When you go to an inspection sticker station to get your renewed, they will ask you to turn on your windshield wipers, turn on your headlights, honk your horn, turn on your turn signals on both sides, and will ask you to put your vehicle in reverse to check your taillights.

The inspection ensures all the vital things on your vehicle work and you'll be safe on the roadways. Back in the day, you used to have to get an inspection sticker every year until they started offering two-year stickers.

The running joke for Louisiana residents is that the stickers don't stay on your vehicle and tend to peel off as the sun heats your car and windshield like this picture below.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

We have some good news for you Louisiana, you may not need to worry about it soon. Some Louisiana lawmakers are proposing removing the inspection stickers on Louisiana vehicles. The bill is called Bill 334 which is proposed to remove vehicle inspection stickers for vehicles registered in Louisiana.

Just recently the bill was introduced and presented to a committee. After a debate from lawmakers for and against the proposal, the committee voted six to five in favor of the bill. The bill now moves to the House for debate and vote.

Get the details on the bill here.

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