The housing market goes up and down. Sometimes it's a great time to buy while other times, it's not the right time to buy a house. But I guess if you have almost three million dollars to spend, anytime is a good time to buy!

For us common folks, price and interest rates are the key factors we have to look at when determining what house to buy because we have to make sure we can actually afford it!

But we all like to dream, don't we? So let's say a long lost family member you didn't know about suddenly leaves you a ton of money or if you stopped by a store to get some milk and grabbed a lottery ticket and won millions of dollars, this house might be right up your alley.


This 13-year-old home is located in South Lake Charles on Henderson Bayou Road and features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It has plenty of room with 4291 square feet of living space. This bad boy has a heated and chilled in-ground pool, hot tub, gas fire pit, outdoor kitchen, huge outdoor porch, and 115 feet of waterfront property complete with a bulkhead and boat dock which sits on one full acre.

It went up for sale about a year ago and back then they were asking 3.3 million dollars for the house. Well, a year has passed and now the price has been dropped and now you can score it for only $2,995,000. That's it? Well heck, where is my checkbook?

If you are wondering, how much would my monthly note be on this house, the estimate in today's economy with the current national average interest rate, your note would be $17,678 a month!!!!

Let's take a look inside this beautiful home and dream of living in luxury!

Most Expensive House For Sale In Lake Charles

By the way, if you buy this home, I would be glad to be your roommate, just saying!

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