If you drive into downtown Lake Charles you will surely see the Capital One tower which has all boarded up since 2020 when Hurricane Laura devastated Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana. The tower has been sitting empty since the hurricane and there have been several reports about what is going to happen to the tower.

As we learned today, it looks like the tower is going to be torn down and the skyline of Lake Charles will look a lot different when it does.

We also did a cool story about interesting and cool facts you may not know about the Capital One building like the building houses about 400,000 square feet of office space in the tower and that the tower takes up four acres which includes an attached parking garage. Read all the other interesting facts about the Capital One Tower here.

Pretty cool huh? Have you ever wondered what the inside of the Capital One Tower looks like now in 2024? We have found a cool video where it looks like someone flew a drone through one of the open or broken windows at the bottom of the tower.

In the video, you are about to watch you will see how abandoned it looks on the first two floors of the tower known as the lobby with the escalators were located. Ready to take a look inside? Let's go.

We sure miss the tower.

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