The Circus is coming to Town! From Aerial Acts to Animal Acts the Royal Hanneford Circus has deep roots in the industry dating back to the 1600s:

The Hanneford Family, who have been referred to as the "Royal Family of the Circus," has a nearly three-century history of continuous involvement with circuses. With their amazing feats on the resinback and amazing circus performances, they have continuously astounded, pleased, and amused audiences all over the world, starting with Edwin Hanneford in the late 1600s and continuing with Tommy Hanneford, the current family action.

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Michael Hanneford, an Irishman by birth, traveled the sandy back roads of rural England in 1690 with Wombwell's Menagerie, the first traveling animal exhibit in the British Isles. The fit Michael demonstrated his riding skills every day, dancing and jumping on the bare back of a charging horse. The multi-talented entertainer became well-known, and King George III invited him to compete in a competition to become England's best juggling. In addition to juggling off the Grand Prize, he also left his stamp on circus history by putting on the first Hanneford Royal Command Performance, an honor that has been carried on by every generation since.

Over the next century, as Michael Hanneford's offspring and eventually his grandchildren carried on the thrilling family legacy, the Hanneford name came to represent excellence in the circus arts. After generations as famous performers, the Hanneford family made the decision to become "their own bosses" at the end of the 20th century and established their own circus. Before World War I, they traveled yearly through England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales with their show, performing under a tent and traversing the highways between cities on horse-drawn carts. From the beginning, the show gained enormous popularity.

Their 2024 Tour has only one stop in our area and here is all the information you need to know:

Tuesday April 30th at 6pm
West Cal Arena Sulphur, LA
Royal Hanneford Circus (CLICK HERE)

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