I’m always for a funny story and when I ran across this one, I knew it needed to be shared.

The day before the eclipse, on April 7, 2 vultures were saved by Watertown Animal Control and taken to A Place Called Hope, a wildlife rehabilitation facility located in Killingworth, Connecticut.

"The most peculiar symptoms had to do with the fact that they were in and out of consciousness," said Christine Cummings, the director of A Place Called Hope, in a Fox News Digital interview.

"They were erratic and feisty one minute, then passed out the next. We kept expecting the worst and had to conduct a series of tests to rule out our theories."

After numerous tests, it was concluded that the prey-diving birds of waste were just "too drunk to fly."

Working with inebriated birds is nothing uncommon, according to Cummings, as the two probably became wasted from eating rotting food in the open trash can.

Getty Images/500px
Getty Images/500px

"We have dealt with intoxicated songbirds from fermented berries in the fall and drunken crows who also consumed fermented bar fruit from a dumpster behind an establishment," she continued.

But since vultures and corvids "eat a whole prey diet, whereas vultures and corvids are omnivores and take advantage of the foods they scavenge," these drunken vultures are a first for the wildlife center.

The two vultures needed lots of rest, plenty of water, and a substantial meal, just like any human would after a wild night out. I wonder if BC Powder, red Gatorade and Pizza was involved?

On April 9, A Place Called Hope released the birds back into the wild, whereupon they reunited with their colony right away.

"For anyone who comes across a wild animal in distress, they should consider the dangers involved with the species and the way they defend themselves before attempting to contain," Cummings said. This is a crucial lesson for those who are eager to help an animal in need.

"The predatory birds of prey species can be dangerous to handle due to their taloned feet, so some experience is necessary."

For the record having an intoxicated bird is not illegal, but these 2 were definitely underage.

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