At Acton, each child works at their own pace, just as adults do in the real world. Through this approach, they learn how to set goals, manage their time, collaborate, critique others' work with feedback, build world-class examples, and much more. They learn how to learn instead of learning to know.

This is where kids are allowed to be kids, and learning is transformed into a world of discovery, not a chore. At Acton Academy (2750B Power Center Pkwy), we are hands-on with everything, whether building a time machine, planting a garden or doing various experiments, while at the same time building critical thinking and focusing on what interests your children.

Does this sound interesting? Do you have questions? Come get answers and more information at Acton Academy School in Lake Charles. Meet the owners, guides, the kids who attend the school, and the parents who love it!

What is a non-traditional school, and why are we so different from other schools? There are no tests and no homework to encourage play, outside exploration, and a break from work after school. Your child will get far more than a good education at Acton Academy because we are far more than a school.

Throughout the year, they will get exposure to real-world skills through numerous guest speakers from entrepreneurs, construction workers, engineers, business owners, and community leaders. We inspire, encourage, and nurture their bright minds, promote empathy and kindness, and help develop educated, hardworking humans!



If you're interested in learning more about our model, reach out to to schedule a tour and meet the heroes, guides, and parents who have built this wonderful community. We are more than a school—we are empowering children for the future!