Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where the food was so good, you went out of your way to eat there again? Good food will do that to you. I personally don't like long road trips, but I like to eat. So, whenever I find a good restaurant I don't mind having to go the extra mile (pun intended) to get there. Bottom line, if the food is good enough I will make exceptions.

Everyone knows that Louisiana is overflowing with world-renowned restaurants. Most tourists immediately think of New Orleans when the subject of Louisiana cuisine is brought up. That is fair because the Cresent City is home to legendary chefs and iconic restaurants.

It should be noted that some of the best food in the Bayou State can be found in lesser-known cities and towns with plenty of Southern charm. Some restaurant locations are so rural they might even seem to be in the middle of nowhere. That is true because I went to an amazing restaurant that was literally situated between rice fields and crawfish ponds. But, it was there that I had the best down-home Cajun food I ever ate in my life!

A few years ago my friends took me to a tiny town in Louisiana I never heard of to go eat. All I knew was the food was so good that people came far and wide to dine there and it was a little off the beaten path. To be honest, midway there I thought we were lost because we had to turn around a couple of times. This place was deep in the middle of the country, the roads were kind of bad and there were no street lights.

We found our way and I am so glad we did. The food was incredible! I you love seafood there's a restaurant between the Bayous Des Cannes and Nezpique known for its delicious Oysters and seafood near Basile. The next time you go out to eat, gas up and take a restaurant adventure. Discover authentically delicious Louisiana cuisine well worth the drive!

"Incredible Louisiana Restaurants Way Out In The Boonies":

THE LITTLE BIG CUP - 149 Fuselier Rd Arnaudville, LA 70512 - (337) 754-7147

D.I.'s CAJUN RESTAURANT - 6561 Evangeline Hwy Basile, LA 70515 -
(337) 432-5141

UNCLE T'S OYSTER BAR - 1001 St. Mary Street Scott, LA 70583 -
(337) 504-2285

HAWK'S RESTAURANT 416 Hawks Rd, Rayne, LA 70578 - (337) 788-3266

(225) 642-5999

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