Have you ever heard the term there's no bad dog, just bad owners? It's true. This is why Lake Charles native Renee Smith started Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue. Though they take all breeds, the focus is on Pit Bulls because they don't get the opportunity for adoption like other dogs. This is due to the stigma of dog fighting.


Most dogs forced to fight are kept in brutal conditions or withstand horrible abuse. Because of this, some dogs living in these conditions are so terrified of humans that they may lash out because they don't want to fight again. The problem is ALL Pit Bull and bully mixes are unfairly labeled in the same category. "Dangerous." The stigma of dog fighting has made this the most misunderstood breed on the planet.

Research has proven that dog breeds do not determine whether or not it is dangerous. According to forallanimals.org, temperament test reports show the Pit Bull ranked as one of the most tolerant dogs. Contrary to popular belief, the Pit Bull is #2 over all other breeds. The Golden Retriever is ranked at #1. Yet, in the U.S., the Pit Bull is the most neglected and abused. Pits are the most common dog found in shelters and are euthanized more than any other breed.

Renee Smith and her Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue crew are doing something about it! They have dedicated their lives to rescuing these incredible dogs, rehabilitating & training them, and matching them with the right family/owners in a forever home. Taking care of these animals and running this no-kill shelter can be expensive.

Come out to support their biggest fundraiser of the year! Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue is teaming up with Midnight Fantasies Car, Bike & Truck Club for an exciting Car, Truck & Bike Show on September 9 at The Grove this weekend! This fundraiser is critical for raising funds for Renee and her animals. They also need volunteers to donate their time to the kid's booths! We would like to have a face painting station set up. Please get in touch with Jennifer Clement at (337) 345-0170 if you’re ready and able. See the event flyer below for more details.

Not every pit bull is perfect, but the more significant majority deserve a second chance. Most dogs end up in shelters because people don't do any research about the breed before they get one. Before you purchase a dog from a breeder please consider giving a Pit Bull at LCPBR or in a shelter near you a chance to win your heart.

For more information on how you can volunteer, foster a dog, donate dog food or money, or if you know of a Pit Bull in desperate need of rescue please get in touch with one of the following:

Renee Smith – President
(713) 854-1895

Joanna DavisVice President of Adoptions   
(337) 309-2167

Megan Manuel – CPDT-KA                                                                  ��                         (337) 298-0591

By the way, the ASPCA proudly endorsed the Pit Bull, saying, “A well-socialized and well-trained pit bull is one of the most delightful, intelligent, and gentle dogs imaginable.” It all comes down to a good owner. That's a fact for ALL dog breeds.

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