Fall is just about here and I don't know about you, but a little cool weather sounds good. It's been so hot this summer, that outdoor activities, riding bicycles, or taking a walk for exercise have been downright miserable. Standing still outside has even been a challenge.

Those who prefer to travel on "twos", in SWLA are also looking forward to the cooler temps and the fall season as well. Obviously, because it's the best travel weather and the perfect time to plan or attend rides across the country as well. It's biker weather! Speaking of which, it's time to get those hogs shined up and we got just the place.

The 1st annual "Bike Bash & Babes" is taking place on September 23 at Fat Katz ( Bob & Pete's) 2345 Industrial Drive, Sulphur, LA.  All the big bike clubs are coming through to get the hogs and choppers road-ready. The 'Babes' are gonna buff those saddle bags and shine the tailpipes with plenty of suds & duds. Bikers and enthusiasts from all over are coming out to enjoy this 1st annual event.

Come out and celebrate biker weather and party at Fat Katz in SWLA. It's the ultimate biker party, so don't miss it! For more info check out the flyer below: