As I said, Skate-Tember was a great idea at the perfect venue for residents in the Greater Lake Charles area to enjoy. He was also a success. There was a nice crowd in the Civic Center Coliseum and the outfits were so cute. It was 80s night and people young and old, came out with their skates to have fun.

80s Night At Skate-Tember

Skate-Tember is presented by the City of Lake Charles Recreation & Parks was a great idea. People want things to do with their families and skating is one of those nostalgic activities every age group can enjoy. I hope the powers that be, recognize this is a win-win for the city and its residents and keep this going.

So, far people are coming out and showing that they love the themes and the music. I really wanted to go on 70s night last week, but my skates didn't come in in time. Needless to say, I got them this week and my daughter and I met some friends and gave 80s night a go.

We had a great time! It was so cool to see people come out and dress up in 80s fashion. Shouts out to the KBYS DJs on the music. They did a great job. Next up, is 90s night and it's going to take place Friday, Sept. 29. It's only $5 per person and FREE for non-skaters.

Skaters pay the $5 at the Ticketmaster booth, they will get a band and that is how to gain admission to Skate-Tember in the collisium. There are only two rules: All children must be accompanied by an adult and you gotta bring your own skates. That's about it. See you at 90s Skate-Tember!

for more info, call (337) 491-1280 or email

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