This weekend the smell of delectable spices and herbs will be wafting on Louisiana breezes from Lake Charles to New Orleans and from Lafayette to Shreveport as Louisiana residents celebrate Good Friday and Easter. One of the more traditional ways to celebrate those sacred days is to gather with family and friends and enjoy pounds and pounds of delicious boiled Louisiana crawfish.

KHOU 11 via YouTube
KHOU 11 via YouTube

According to statistics Good Friday and Easter Weekend is the weekend when those who farm and sell crawfish can expect their largest sales. Of course, how much they sell and how much consumers and restaurants are willing to buy all boil down to another factor of crawfish season, the price.

As of this past weekend prices around Louisiana were looking to be quite favorable for consumers who crave crawfish for the upcoming weekend. The Crawfish App, a smartphone app, compiles data from some 16,500 crawfish retailers across the state and their figures suggest prices for mudbugs were down by about .15 cents compared to last week.

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YouTube Via Southern Boyz Outdoors

The Crawfish App found prices for boiled crawfish as low as $4.00 a pound. In the Lafayette area, KATC television's weekly Crawdaq Report suggested a slightly higher price for consumers in Acadiana. The KATC story showed an average price of $5.81.

In Lake Charles, KPLC's crawfish price report suggested prices for boiled crawfish to be in-line with what consumers in Lafayette were paying. Although, there were a few places with significantly lower prices.


In Baton Rouge, the WBRZ television crawfish price check found prices to be a lot lower there than in both Lafayette and Lake Charles. The average price according to the Baton Rouge TV station was $4.84 per pound.

Now, if you compare prices from the same time this year to the same time last year crawfish lovers are actually paying less for their favorite swamp water treat. Prices for crawfish this year are about .20 per pound lower than they were this same time last year.

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