Just about one month ago we brought Louisiana deer hunters an incredible story of an amazing deer that was harvested just across the state line in Mississippi. In that case, the deer in question was found to be about the same size as a large dog but carried the rack of an impressive full-grown buck. The "dog-sized deer" was quite a topic of conversation around many deer camps over the past few weeks.

Old gone hunting sign.

Well, as luck would have it and deer hunting season is about to wind down in many places in Louisiana and neighboring states, we are getting even more incredible stories of some amazing results from out in the woods.

Hunter Bags 15-Point Buck With Double Row of Tines

This deer hunting story, like the dog-sized deer story comes from Mississippi. In this case, the hunter was canvasing the area fairly close to his Magnolia Mississippi home. Magnolia is a small community just across the Louisiana line near McComb.

Hunter Brummels via Unsplash.com
Hunter Brummels via Unsplash.com

Johnathan Fortenberry says he had been aware of this unique buck for some time. Fortenberry was quoted in an article published by the Biloxi Sun Herald newspaper as saying "it didn't look real" when first saw the buck in photos from his trail camera as far back as 2021.

Fast forward a few years and several hunts later and Johnathan Fortenberry is back in the woods in the midst of our most recent frigid cold snap. You might recall that happened in late January and because of the frosty conditions Fortenberry was unable to go to his job that day, so he went hunting. And the hunting "gods" were smiling.

Finally, after a brutal day of sitting in a bitterly cold makeshift stand, Fortenberry got his opportunity. He rattled his antlers in his stand and this time got a response from out in the woods. Fortenberry told reporters he was shaking like a first-time hunter when he realized that he had a clear shot at this unique double-tined buck. But he managed to calm himself down and make a good shot.

Fortenberry, at least as of this report, had not gotten the deer scored but he did mention in the Sun Herald article that no matter what score the animal is given he will be a once-in-a-lifetime deer because of the unique double tines. Congratulations, Johnathan on your deer, and thanks for sharing that story.

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