You know it's hot in Louisiana when people are complaining about the heat...of the water in a swimming pool. That's the reality from Lafayette to Lake Charles and Shreveport to Grand Isle. It's so hot even our outdoor refreshments aren't refreshing.

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But what is the old saying about Louisiana weather? Just wait ten minutes and it will change? Okay, the past six weeks have greatly discounted that assumption since Louisiana has been under the influence of an incredible heat dome.

That heat dome was responsible for Lafayette, Louisiana breaking a record for most consecutive days with high temperatures above 100 degrees. And the forecast for the middle of next week is actually suggesting even higher temperatures by the time High School Football Jamborees begin.

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When Will It Feel Like Fall in Louisiana?

Let's clarify that question before we answer. If you're wondering when will it be cold enough for Ugg Boots and Pumpkin Spice Lattes? That's winter. But for most Louisiana residents "feels like fall" means it's not as humid. You won't break a sweat walking to check the mail. You might even turn your air conditioner off at night. That's "Louisiana Fall" and that is expected to arrive in, not September, not October, but maybe November.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Here is the just-released Seasonal Temperature Outlook for September, October, and November. As you can see, forecasters aren't suggesting a "big chill" anytime soon.

If there is good news, and there is in this forecast at least we aren't likely above normal for our temperatures. The fact that we're just leaning that way may actually be a function of some very warm weather that is forecast to be in place in early September.

And you'll want to remember that the graph suggests "likely above normal" with those normal high temperatures being 87 degrees in September, 81 degrees in October, and the average high in November is 71 degrees. Those averages are for the city of Lafayette. So, it might even feel cooler in Shreveport and Monroe.

How Wet Will It Be This Fall?

Here is the just-released Seasonal Precipitation Outlook for September, October, and November. This is certainly better news but not great news as far as Louisiana's drought conditions are concerned.

As you can see Louisiana is in the "about normal" range as far as this precipitation forecast goes. In Lafayette, Louisiana September precipitation averages about 4.7 inches. For October the I-10 corridor averages about 3.9 inches of rain. And as we move into November the average rainfall for the area is about 4.4 inches.

So the Too Long/Didn't Read version of this story is this. Temperatures in Louisiana for the Fall will be at normal or slightly above and rainfall will be average. Oh, and it will be football season then, so who really cares about the weather, right?

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