When we hear the word "endangered" in Louisiana our thoughts naturally turn to an animal or plant species. Those are usually the life forms that earn protection from us as humans because we as humans have just about eliminated them from the planet. At least we're taking action before it's too late.


Another form of preservation that we as a species should really invest more time and energy into is the preservation and restoration of our historic sights and buildings. What's the old saying" Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it"? I am sure I paraphrased, but you get the idea. We need to know more about our past so as not to repeat those mistakes in the future.

The Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation has maintained a list of Louisiana's Most Endangered Places List since 1999. The purpose of the list was to bring awareness to the potential loss of history and historical significance if some of these structures were allowed to be raized or destroyed.

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Only 11 parishes do not have a location represented on this list. In South Louisiana, the parishes not represented are Allen, Evangeline, and Jeff Davis. But those wishing to nominate a structure or a building may do so by following this link.

What Are the Endangered Historic Sites in Lafayette Parish?

According to the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation, there are two locations in the City of Lafayette that are on the list. They are the Merchant's Grocer Company which was built in 1892. The other is the Holy Rosary Institute. That was built in 1913.


What Are the Endangered Historic Sites in St Landry Parish?

In St Landry Parish the two sites that are on the list of endangered historic buildings is Sunset High School. That building was built in 1924. Also listed on the site for endangered buildings in St Landry Parish was the Southern Club in the city of Opelousas. That building was built in 1949.

What Are the Endangered Historic Sites in Iberia Parish?

There are two sites currently listed in Iberia Parish on the endangered list. There is the Enterprise Plantation in Jeanerette. That plantation was built in 1835. Also, the Vida Shaw Swing Bridge is on the list. That structure was completed in 1940.

And while you're there you should take a moment to learn about the New Iberia Haircut too.

Obviously, the list of endangered historic places doesn't stop with these three parishes. There are many more throughout the state of Louisiana. You can view the entire list from the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation right here. There is also an interactive map if you'd like to zoom in for better directions.

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