In the world of college football, we love to make lists. We like to make our shopping list for tailgating. We like to make our list of friends we want to go to the game with. And, we love our lists that suggest our team is better than your team even if our two teams have never faced each other. Or, in the case of the Post Spring Practice rankings, it's a list of where certain pundits believe certain teams will wind up once the games have been played.

LSU coach Brian Kelly and players
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Since lists like these are quite popular among sports fans, especially those who never miss the chance to talk smack on other fans, we've compiled the post-spring thoughts of list makers from,, CBS, and

The first thing you'll notice at the top of all of these lists are the usual suspects. Yeah, Georgia, Ohio State, and Alabama all figured into the top of most of these rankings with most pundits giving the nod of "best team in the land" to Georgia.

Georgia National Championship
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But what about where the LSU Tigers fit in the mix? LSU had a better-than-expected first year under new head coach Brian Kelly. You can only hope that the Tigers will be even better in the upcoming season now that everyone has had a year to get used to the new system and new coaches.

So, let's see where these national publications are projecting the Tigers to wind up at the end of the 2023/24 football campaign.

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loading... in their way to early college football prediction piece has LSU ranked at number 6. This puts them behind Georgia at number one and Alabama at number four as far as SEC schools are concerned. Other programs ranked ahead of the Tigers include Michigan at two, Ohio State at three, and Penn State at number five. in their post-spring practice projections seems to like LSU a little more than does. That list has Georgia at number one followed by Michigan and Ohio State. has LSU listed at number four followed by Florida State and then Alabama at number six.

Georgia Tech Yelllow Jackets v ClemsonTigers
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CBS Sports has in their post-spring projections a similar view at the top as the other lists do. They seem to think Georgia is going to be the team to beat. Their list has Michigan and Ohio State at two and three. Then they have Penn State, Washington, Alabama, and Florida State, and we finally find LSU at number eight on that list. has also published their post-spring power ratings and like all of the other lists, the Georgia Bulldogs sit on top. The ESPN list doesn't look exactly like the previous three but most of the same teams are represented, just in a wildly different order.

SEC Championship - LSU v Georgia
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For example, ESPN has Michigan at two, Florida State at three, and USC at number four. The World Wide Leader rounds out the top ten with Ohio State at five, Alabama at six, and LSU at number seven.  The ESPN rankings also include Penn State at number eight, Clemson at nine, and the Texas Longhorns at ten.

Now you should have everything you need to argue about college football all summer long. The college football season is set to begin on September 1st. The Tigers will open their season on September 3rd and they'll have a tough test right out of the gate as they travel to Orlando Florida to take on Florida State, a team that's also getting a lot of top-ten love in these preseason rankings.

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