In the South college football is king. In Louisiana college football is like a king on steroids because we take the game that seriously down here. People have their entire weekend and most of a workweek ruined if their favorite team doesn't win on Saturday. However, when their favorite team gets a big win on the weekend, that's when the party really gets started.

PSC Highlights via YouTube
PSC Highlights via YouTube

Just as long as that celebration doesn't begin with tens of thousands of fans running onto the field of play following that victory. There are a lot of things that can happen when fans storm the field. And, the majority of those things that can happen are not good.

Officials with the Southeastern Conference, the Conference of LSU, Alabama, Georgia, and all the real teams of college football are looking into making "storming the field" after a big win a major rules violation. If some of the current punishments being discussed in association with this rule violation come to be, storming the field after a big win could be very detrimental to any conference football program.

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The Conference is reportedly looking into taking away home games from the team whose fan base storms the field. They are also looking into possible forfeiture of games should fans leave the stands and enter the field of play.

The conference already has protocols in place that govern the action of fans and the storming of the field. You might recall the LSU Tigers were fined twice in the year 2022. This after Tiger fans rushed the field after wins over Ole Miss and Alabama. The university was fined some $250,000 each time. This might seem like a lot but to the schools of the SEC that's "pocket change". Which is why fans keep storming the field.

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Conference officials say stricter control of fan behavior is needed for the safety of the fans and those who are supposed to be on the field. Can you imagine being a player for the opposing team or a game official being caught in the middle of tens of thousands of screaming fans who probably don't have your best interests at heart?

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You can see why the league is considering the changes. However, it will be interesting to see which school will be the first to face the wrath of these new regulations should they come to fruition. Somehow I think Vanderbilt is going to get punished a lot for every Alabama or Georgia fanbase faux pas. What? Do you think I think the SEC has favorites within the conference? Nah, couldn't happen except on a Saturday afternoon or evening.

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