Update: According to WDSU in New Orleans, someone helped 'Get It Done' when it came to the shot record:

And, in typical Gordon McKernan fashion, bought a number that was all 8s. Hopefully the Tiger fans will be able to consume those in celebration as the Tigers face off against Florida in game 3 Monday night at 6pm on ESPN.


The Jell-O Shot Challenge in Omaha has captured the attention of fans nationwide and has become almost as popular as the College World Series itself.

As we gear up for a winner-take-all game 3 in the championship matchup between LSU and Florida, a mysterious figure is set to unleash what they claim to be "rally shots" to fuel LSU's drive for victory. Speculation is rife as to who this enigmatic supporter might be, with prominent names from the Tiger fanbase being thrown into the ring of possibilities.

The Jell-O Shot Challenge, held annually at Rocco's Pizza & Cantina, has become a highly anticipated event during the College World Series in Omaha. Co-owned by Kevin and Bonnie Culjat, Rocco's has transformed into a Jell-O shot paradise, drawing enthusiastic participants from various fanbases. LSU's supporters, in particular, have dominated the challenge, with fans from all walks of life rallying behind their team.

In a moment that won't soon be forgotten, Raising Cane's founder and fry cook Todd Graves made history by buying a round of shots that not only helped LSU break the Jell-O shot record at Rocco's but subsequently landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

As the LSU Tigers prepare for the decisive Game 3 against Florida, the official Twitter account for the College World Series Jell-O Shot Challenge sent out a cryptic message, hinting at something special that would rally the team and its devoted fanbase. The anticipation is mounting as fans eagerly await this mystery person's contribution.

The prime contenders for the source of these "rally shots" are notable personalities in the LSU community.

Gordon McKernan

Attorney Gordon McKernan, renowned for his support of LSU athletics, is a prominent figure among the potential benefactors. Not only did McKernan's father and father-in-law play sports at LSU, but he and his family graduated from the university and his son recently walked on to play football for the Tigers. McKernan has also dove headfirst into the NIL deals with LSU, which is apparent from his numerous billboards and commercials. With a history of backing the team, his involvement would not be surprising.

Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, Facebook
Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, Facebook

Joe Burrow

Another popular theory revolves around Joe Burrow, the celebrated former LSU Championship-winning quarterback. Burrow's affiliation with the university and his passion for the Tigers have endeared him to fans, making him a compelling candidate to spearhead this rallying gesture. According to eyewitnesses, Burrow received a standing ovation when he was recognized at the College World Series.

Shaquille O'Neal

Lastly, the legendary basketball icon Shaquille O'Neal has also emerged as a contender in the speculation. O'Neal, a former LSU superstar and prominent advocate for the university, boasts a vast fan base and a fervent dedication to supporting his alma mater.

Auburn v LSU
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

While the identity of the mystery benefactor remains shrouded in secrecy, the prospect of their involvement has ignited a wave of excitement among LSU fans. As they strive for a record-breaking Jell-O shot consumption, the Tigers' faithful are eager to witness the impact of these "rally shots" on the team's performance.

The Jell-O Shot Challenge, conceived by Kevin Culjat and his family, was initially a light-hearted endeavor. In the past, the challenge consisted of mixing various flavored shots in bottles for participating teams. However, when Arkansas fans set a record by consuming an astonishing 800 Jell-O shots, the competition took on a new dimension.

Fast forward to recent years, and the Jell-O Shot Challenge has become a full-fledged event with a Twitter tracker, showcasing the total consumption of gelatin-infused libations. The challenge has evolved significantly, with Rocco's now utilizing Jevo, a company based in Nashville, to produce 7,000 Jell-O shots per day using their specialized machines. The integration of these machines into the bar's computer system ensures accurate tracking of team-specific shot sales, eliminating the need for manual tallies.

Aside from the spirited competition, the Jell-O Shot Challenge has also taken on a philanthropic role. A portion of each transaction is donated to the respective food banks at participating universities, with additional contributions made to an Omaha food pantry. Kevin Culjat's personal experience during the challenging times of the pandemic inspired him to support these causes, recognizing the importance of addressing food insecurity.

We'll keep an eye on the mystery person behind these LSU rally shots and will be updating this post as we find out more information. In the meantime, LSU fans are gearing up for a must-win game 3 vs. Florida tonight (Jun. 26) that will certainly be must-see TV.

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