The New Orleans Saints have made a decision on their starting kicker as veteran Wil Lutz has been traded to the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are set to acquire kicker Wil Lutz from the New Orleans Saints, as per a recent report from NFL Network.

This means the Saints have decided to go with their rookie kicker Blake Grupe who has been impressive in both camp and in preseason.

Specifics of the trade remain undisclosed at the moment but Mike Klis tweeted that the Broncos reportedly gave up a 7th-round pick for Lutz.

Having dedicated seven seasons to the Saints, Lutz has an impressive record, hitting 165 out of his 195 attempted field goals.

Did the Saints make the right call by going with Grupe? Only time will tell, but Saints insiders weighed in on the move via Twitter once the news was announced.

This is the part of the business where we won't truly know if this was the right call until the games are played, but it's fair to say Blake Grupe has come a long way from not even being recognized to get past security on gameday.

Don't let his 5'7" 160 lb frame fool you, this rookie is full of confidence and has the leg to get the job done—let's just hope he can show up when it counts.

Stay tuned as this unfolding story will be updated with further information.

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