A lot of things are being said about the New Orleans Saints' dismal 2022 season (so far) but Alvin Kamara is calling "fake news" on a recently reported pep talk from Sean Payton.

NFL Network host Peter Schrager reported that former Saints head coach Sean Payton stopped by the team facility the week they played the Raiders and gave the team an alleged "pep talk," calling out the defense among numerous other small details.

Naturally, his report caught like wildfire with many figures in the sports world and Saints fans alike who used it as a platform to amplify their claims that head coach Dennis Allen is to blame for the team's lackluster season thus far.

Posting from his official Twitter account, Schrager backtracked on his Payton "pep talk" report after being called out publicly by Saints team captain Alvin Kamara.

We don't know where Schrager got his information, but I'm willing to bet Kamara's first-hand experience will trump any inside source of Schrager's and even the NFL Network agrees as he has tweeted multiple times that he "made a mistake" and is owning up to the gaffe.

Speaking of truth, let's talk about the fact that the Saints are bad enough for us to believe that a "pep talk" from former head coach Sean Payton is really what it takes for these guys to go out and win.

As much as I'd love to believe that professional football works the same way as the plot of 'Air Bud' we all know that's now how any of this works. The Saints have shown flashes of greatness but seem to be their own worst enemy with the type of undisciplined football they have been playing.

The offense has been lackluster, the defense has lacked basic fundamentals and the inconsistency has been frustrating, to say the least.

And have I mentioned the injuries yet? At 3-7 the Saints face a very beatable Rams team at home—the first time they are seeing Los Angeles since the dreaded "NOLA No Call" and there is absolutely no buzz around the city or the team.

Don't get me wrong, it's still #WhoDat for life, but fans deserve more than the Saints trotting out week after week with the same predictable game plan and expectations for anything to change by changing nothing at all.

Maybe a Sean Payton "pep talk" is worth a try after all?

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