Left your Valentine's Day planning to the last minute again, huh? Fear not, because Walmart is swooping in like Cupid with a game-changing offer that might save the day (and maybe your relationship)! For the first time ever, Walmart is offering same-day delivery of flowers this Valentine’s Day. That's right, you can now get floral bouquets delivered in as quickly as one hour or less.

This is literally a (love) lifesaver.

Starting at the wallet-friendly price of just $5, these bouquets won't break the bank but could end up being the most thoughtful last-minute gift ever. And here's the best part: delivery can be absolutely free. If you're not already a Walmart+ member, just whip out the discount code “TRIPLE10” to get three free deliveries on anything from the store. Yes, you read that right - anything. So, if you forgot the chocolates, the card, or even the dinner ingredients, Walmart's got your back.

The floral arrangements available for this express love delivery service can be found with a quick visit to Walmart’s website. And just to put into perspective how much of a Valentine's Day hero Walmart is becoming, they usually sell about 1 million roses in an average week. But the week leading up to Valentine’s Day? That number skyrockets to nearly 40 million roses!

So, whether you're a hopeless romantic who got too consumed by Mardi Gras or someone looking to add a bit more lagniappe sizzle to your Valentine's Day plans, head over to Walmart's website and let Wally World help you make this February 14th one to remember. And hey, if you end up getting those 40 million and first rose, just know you're part of a very big club of last-minute Louisiana lovebirds making the most of a fantastic Walmart offer. Happy Valentine's Day, Louisiana!

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