DaBaby posts a video of his interaction with a female fan who he says sexually assaulted him after she touched his private parts.

DaBaby Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by Female Fan at a Gas Station

On Saturday (April 6), DaBaby jumped on his Instagram account to post a video of his encounter with an overzealous female fan. In the clip below, the North Carolina rapper was seated in his Rolls Royce vehicle at a gas station when a fan approached him.

The fan eagerly asked DaBaby if she could have a photo with him, which he obliged her. Their interaction starts off a little rocky as the woman is fumbling with her phone. Eventually, she plops on top of DaBaby's lap and takes several snaps.

"You sitting in my lap with it," DaBaby tells the woman.

"Yeah, I want to f**kin' f**k you, what the f**k," the woman replies, to which DaBaby responds, "Oh, Lord."

After she gets her photos, she waves goodbye to DaBaby and then lightly touches DaBaby's private parts, much to his horror.

"She sexually assaulted me," a perplexed DaBaby says straight to the camera.

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DaBaby Turns Down a Fan's Indecent Proposal

This isn't the first time DaBaby had a weird interaction with a fan.

In June of 2023, backstage at Hot 97's annual Summer Jam in New York, a female fan volunteered oral services to the "Rockstar" artist while he was leaving the venue.

In a video of the incident, which can be seen below, DaBaby is seen walking underneath UBS Arena where Summer Jam was held. While walking with his entourage, a woman approached him and offered to perform fellatio on him in front of everyone.

"Pull it out. Can I suck it right now?" the woman asked in the clip below.

DaBaby playfully reached into his pants before changing his mind. The 32-year-old rhymer then said something to the woman before running off with his security.

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Watch DaBaby's interaction with a female fan who sexually assaulted him below.

Watch DaBaby's Interaction With a Female Fan at a Gas Station

See DaBaby Interact With a Female Fan Who Offered Oral Services to Him

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