Rick Ross says he's putting his dreams of holy matrimony on hold after seeing Jada Pinkett Smith tell all about her issues with Will Smith.

Rick Ross Opines on Jada Pinkett Smith's Viral Comments

On Wednesday (Oct. 18), Rick Ross hopped on Instagram Live and weighed in on Jada Pinkett Smith's recent comments about her marriage to Will Smith and relationship to Tupac Shakur. Rozay says the actress' actions have him rethinking marriage.

"At one time, we thought Will Smith and Jada was Shaq and Kobe," Rick Ross explained. "Just on some red carpet, let’s get this money type s**t. But how Jada Pinkett Smith moving, it don’t make you wanna really be that close with a woman. It will really make you reconsider ever being married. Damn, baby. You talking about so much personal business. What’s your credit score? What’s your beacon score? We don’t believe you was worth $50 million."

"Nah, show it to us. Prove it to us," he continued. "We don’t believe this s**t. Now show us. Show us. Will, go home, Will. They called me Will growing up. Come on, Will. Make her go open you a Moon Pie."

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Jada Pinkett Smith's Explosive Press Run

Jada Pinkett Smith has been a trending topic for the past week for revelations she made during the press run for her new memoir Worthy. It started when Jada revealed she and Will have been separated since 2016. She has also shed more light on her relationship with Tupac Shakur, saying she believes he is her soulmate and revealed the rapper proposed to her from prison. On Tuesday (Oct. 17), Will trolled fans with an "Official Statement."

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See Rick Ross weighing in on Jada Pinkett Smith's recent revelations below.

Watch Rick Ross Chime in on the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Situation

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