A wild brawl broke out during a recent Sexyy Red concert and the rapper continued to perform despite the melee.

Brawl Breaks Out at Sexyy Red Show

On Monday (Sept. 18), Instagram blog The Neighborhood Talk shared video of a recent Sexyy Red show in which an intense brawl broke out in the crowd while the St. Louis rapper was performing. In the clip, which can be seen below, several people in the crowd are throwing punches. One woman appears to have gotten her wig snatched off and is swinging haymakers in a stocking cap. Sexyy Red continues to perform like nothing is happening as her security makes sure she is out of harm's way.

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Sexyy Red Addresses Reported Video Shoot Shooting

Sexyy Red recently made headlines after a shooting reportedly occurred at her video shoot. On Sept. 15, TMZ reported a shooting occurred at a Sexyy Red video shoot in Oakland Park, Fla. that left one person dead and another injured, on Sept. 14. However, Sexyy later clarified the shooting occurred at a gas station across the street from her video location.

"I send my condolences to the family of the man who lost his life and prayers up to the person who was wounded," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "But I gotta address the rumors that it happened at my video shoot [because] this is not true, at all. To be clear, this happened at a gas station across the street from my video shoot. Florida Highway Patrol and Broward County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the shooting was not on my set."

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See video of Sexyy Red continuing to perform while a wild brawl breaks out during her show below.

Watch the Wild Footage From Sexyy Red's Show

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