Snoop Dogg, known as one of the biggest stoners in the entertainment industry, recently revealed how many blunts he smokes in a day and the amount might be surprising.

Snoop Dogg Shows Off "a Day's Work" in Instagram Video

On Monday night (Sept. 18), Snoop Dogg shared a video on his Instagram account showing himself in a hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands watching his favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing on Monday Night Football.

"Show you what I been doing today, all in a day's work," Snoop says in the video below before panning over to a line of blunt roaches on his window sill.

"Oh, wow. That's some good work, Dog," he adds after revealing a total of 11 roaches. "What kinda pack was it?" he continues, showing a bag of Death Row Premium cannabis.

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Snoop Dogg's Cannabis Usage

The legend of Snoop Dogg's iron lungs has been speculated on for years. Last November, Snoop Dogg responded to a rumor from a woman claiming to be his blunt roller that claimed the rap legend smokes upward of 150 blunts a day.

"The b***h is conning u man," Snoop joked on Instagram, before sharing a follow-up video proving just how many blunts he really smokes. "Stop lying," he added.

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See Snoop Dogg revealing the surprising amount of blunts he smokes in a day.

Watch Snoop Dogg's Instagram Video

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