It looks like Will Smith is back on top. His buddy cop comedy film Bad Boys: Ride or Die, which also co-stars Martin Lawrence, is the No. 1 movie in America.

Bad Boys 4 Grosses $56 Million at Box Office

According to a Variety report, published on Sunday (June 9), Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's flick Bad Boys: Ride or Die has raked in $56 million at the box office over the three-day weekend. The movie, which is the fourth installment of the popular buddy-cop franchise, also opened at the international box office with $48.6 million, bringing its worldwide total to a whopping $104.6 million.

The entertainment publication reported that Ride or Die cost $100 million to make, so it’s well on its way to become a profitable film. However, the movie may not surpass Bad Boys for Life, their third installment, as the highest-grossing flick in the franchise, which earned $206 million domestically and $426 million worldwide in 2020.

"Very few action comedies get to four episodes—the jokes start to run thin and the stories get repetitive—but when they do, they hold up well," movie consultant David A. Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research told Variety. "Bad Boys is in elite company, and the series has room to run."

The box office success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die is a big win for Smith, marking his first major film on the big screen since his infamous slap at the 2022 Oscars. Does it mean that fans have forgiven Will Smith for his actions? Maybe. For now, it appears the veteran actor's box office appeal hasn't suffered as of yet.

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What Is Bad Boys 4 About?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die once again stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the roles of rule-breaking Miami cops, characters they brought to life in Michael Bay's original film in 1995. Although Bay himself departed from the franchise after Bad Boys II, the directorial reins have been handed back to Adil & Bilall, the filmmaking duo behind 2020's Bad Boys for Life (a.k.a. Bad Boys 3).

In the latest installment, the title is even more literal than ever before—with both men on the run after their former boss (Joe Pantoliano), who is deceased, is accused of working with drug cartels.

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Watch Will Smith surprise moviegoers at a Bad Boys 4 movie screening below.

Watch Will Smith Surprise Fans at a Bad Boys: Ride or Die Movie Screening

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