Remember the guy who was running on the platform of "The Rent is too damn high". Well, it seems like those same sentiments are going around about the prices of gas here and around the world. I was pouting about gas being upwards of $4 to feel up a vehicle. Well for people in California and other places some of their prices are almost $9 or more in order to get gas.

If you listen to The Steve Harvey Morning Show, you may get a chance to check out J. Anthony Brown who is a member of the show. He is famously known for being a very funny comedian, but he is also very talented with taking a popular song and twisting it up to get even more laughs.

Since everyone is talking about how high the gas prices are. Why not sing about them that is exactly what J. Anthony Brown did it a couple of days ago and I have audio for you here along with a video to go along with it.

I guess it is times like this where all you can do is laugh at the situation. We know it's not much we can do to change certain things besides dealing with them. But J Anthony Brown taking a Gospel classic and switching it up to help us laugh about high gas cost kinda helped me out today. For those who may be unfamiliar with the original song. It was done by Pastor and Singer Marvin Sapp. The song was "Never Would Have Made It".


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