Today in Tha Wire Jacquees got himself arrested Wednesday in Miami. Miami-Dade Local 10 reports the singer whose real name is, Rodriquez Jacquees Broadnax, was traveling down Ocean Drive, in his black Lamborghini when he caught the eye of Miami PD. Police say they noticed he wasn't wearing a seat belt, and got behind him to pull him over.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, wasn't speeding or driving erratically. NBC Miami reports the star was traveling at a low rate of speed. Problem was, he allegedly didn't comply with the officers attempt to pull over. So police speed up, pulled along side his lambo, and once again ordered him to stop. When he finally did, AllHipHop reports and officer asked the Cash Money star for his I.D. and he refused to comply again. When he was then instructed to get out of the car, the singer began arguing with police telling them "Don't touch me."

The incident occurred around 4:30 pm in the afternoon, on the corner of Ocean Drive and 8th Street. South Florida is celebrating Spring Break, so the Miami Beach area was packed with party goers. Police say in their report that the star was arguing with them and the back and forth started to draw a crowd. A large group of people started to surround them, "creating an obvious safety concern." AllHipHop reports the cops called for backup saying "the defendant still not complying." Below is a look at what went down, after back up officers arrived on the seen.

As seen in the video above, Jacquees appears to be calm, and pretty cooperative. Despite the stars hands being behind his back, in cuffs, the officer is clearly using unnecessary roughness. It's obvious that the cop was aggravated. If everything really went down the way it's being reported, I understand why. HOWEVER, he didn't have just cause to physically jerk the man around like he did. The singer wasn't pulling away from him, or struggling in any way. On that same note, had Jacquees complied in the beginning, none of this would've happened. It's never a good idea to ignore an officers orders, no matter how dumb or unfair you think their reasons are. It's just not worth it.

The young singer wound up being hauled off to jail, and charged with failure to obey a police officer, disorderly conduct/breach of the peace, failure to obey a lawful command, and a seat belt infraction. He was booked, and then released on a $1,000 bond. Police stated in their report, "It should be noted that the defendant's actions disrupted the peace and quiet and public morals of bystanders on a busy spring break day on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach." That, "if the defendant would have complied since he was being pulled over, this incident could have been avoided."

No doubt Jacquees will have to go back to the MIA at a later date to deal with the charges, but for now no court dates have been set. That's a wrap on Tha Wire for now. As always get the latest celeb news everyday, twice a day and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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