Today in Tha Wire newcomer, Jacquees, can't let things go. The 24-yr. old star is determined to keep the ball rolling and insists he's THE KING OF R&B! The singer was one of many artists scheduled to perform at Saturday's (December 15, 2018) annual Winterfest concert series in Atlanta. The line-up included R&B powerhouses like Tank, Trey Songz, and the legendary Keith Sweat just to name a few. Instead of his majesty enjoying the fact that he was in such good company, he put his foot in his mouth and once again announced he was the king.

TMZ reports they were doing an interview with Sweat backstage when the Cash Money star jumped in front of cameras and said, “This is the king from back then, I’m the king from right now.” Exposing his lack of maturity Jacquees cut Sweat off after the cameraman called the 57-yr old star an original king and asked if he had any interest in passing down the torch. Before he was rudely interrupted, Sweat was in the middle of saying, "I'm the king of getting that bag, do not put me in the middle of that."

Peep how it all went down below:

Ironically Sweat was just telling The Breakfast Club crew that he was grateful for having longevity in the music game. While talking about how his music changed R&B, his new album and more, the music vet said: “I’m glad to still be able to do it and show these young boys consistency.”

Going forward Jacquees may wanna know what he's talking about, the next time he jumps in the middle of things. Sweat was visibly irritated with the young singer last weekend and it's a good thing the music vet was able to keep his cool, as the youngster dissed him on camera. That's the difference between a man and a boy. A man doesn't have to prove anything and knows how to walk away from the nonsense. That's exactly what it was.

Later that evening. V103's Big Tigger and Tank caught up with Keith and Jacquees to get to the bottom of what went down earlier. Sweat was a good sport about it and explained what was going down BEFORE the young singer budded in his convo with TMZ. Sweat said,

“[Jacquees] happened to hear ‘king’ and ran up on me and said, ‘I’m the king of my generation,” Sweat said to singer Tank and radio personality Big Tigger. “The only thing he heard was ‘king,’ so he needs to apologize.”

Below watch and see how Sweat checks the young singer:

The good news is they squashed any hard feelings! They all seemed to be having fun. Hopefully, Jacquees learned a little lesson and can leave the whole King thing alone! I doubt it though.


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