The man himself has decided to grace us with his presence in Lake Charles. Jim Cantore is known for being exactly where the bad storms are going to hit each and every time. Everyone wants to see him, but also hates when he actually arrives.

Facebook, Amanda Meyers

Facebook started blowing up yesterday upon his arrival as he was spotted at various locations around Lake Charles. I have seen pictures of him at the Nugget, Mazen's, the Lake Charles Civic Center, and even my favorite diner, KD's. It seems the Weather Channel is working their way around the seawall and other low areas as they brief the world on our impending visit from Laura. He should know the area pretty decently by now, since he was here for Rita and a few other hurricane misses we have experienced in the last 15 years.

Facebook, Kate Savario

Let's hope him being here is totally wrong and we see a shift, but the man didn't make this big of a name for himself by not knowing where a storm is headed.

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